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School closures 2019/20

The dates when the school will be closed over the academic year 2019/20 are now available here, and also from the first entry in the ‘News & Events’ menu in the green strip.

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July 2, 2019

School Self-Evaluation

School self-evaluation (SSE) is a collaborative, reflective process of internal school review. It provides teachers with a means of systematically looking at how they teach and how pupils learn and helps schools and teachers to improve outcomes for learners. The process has 6 stages and our school is currently engaging in stage 5 — the […]

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April 5, 2019

Nutty Squirrels

Children investigating the ground with magnifying glasses

Unfortunately this week, one of the groups weren’t able to access the Forest School site and had to use another area of the school grounds for Forest School. The children paired up as parent and baby squirrels to play our new favourite game ‘Nutty Squirrels’. We learned some interesting facts about the native Irish red […]

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December 6, 2018

The Story of Our Beloved Teepee

The finished tee-pee

Within a few weeks of setting up our Forest School, we realised our site was lacking two very important elements, more places to hide and some shelter from our very changeable weather. With that the idea of an outdoor tee-pee was born! Paula, being the fantastic artist she is got to work and before long […]

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October 24, 2018

A Forest School Trip to the Phoenix Park

Pupils and teachers standing in a circle in the Phoenix Park

To celebrate the end of our 6-week pilot programme, we were very lucky to get the opportunity to go on a day trip to the Phoenix Park to try out all of our new skills in a ‘real’ forest! We had a fantastic day under the watchful eye of the beautiful beech trees, building forts, […]

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October 24, 2018